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Muslim Wedding, Muslim Marriages in kerala - thaali Matrimonial Services - Terms and Conditions
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Muslim Wedding, Muslim Marriages in kerala

Islam religion strongly advocates muslim marriage. Celibacy or staying unmarried is considered a sin. Muslim marriage is regarded as a religious as well as a social necessity. The main purpose of a muslim wedding is that opposite sexes provide company and can procreate the next generation living in tranquility and peace according to the instructions of Allah. A muslim marriage can be conducted anytime since they do not believe in any auspicious timing. In a muslim marriage, much importance is given to the social and financial standings rather than compatibility between the male and female. Prior to a muslim wedding, the elders are entrusted the major task of deciding the future of their issues. After initial discussion between the families, the boy and girl meet each other. After the nod of approval, a day is fixed for the “Valayidal” ceremony. This is a custom of presenting gold ornaments to the girl prior to the muslim wedding. An engagement ceremony is thereafter conducted and the date of muslim marriage is fixed.

In a muslim wedding, prior to the day of marriage, the groom’s relatives visit the would be bride and apply “Mylanchi” on her palms and hand in order to beautify her. They bless and sing demonstrating the inclusion of the bride into their household. Sometimes an “Oppana” is performed prior to the muslim wedding. In a muslim marriage, the groom has to give “Mehr”, an amount of money to the bride’s father while accepting his daughter as wife. A “Maulvi” or priest conducts the muslim marriage which is termed “Nikah”. A muslim wedding is usually held in a marriage hall while some opt for conducting the muslim marriage in a mosque. On the muslim wedding day, the groom and his relatives arrive at the proposed place. The girl’s brother receives the groom and a garland and bouquet is offered. The groom is led to the place where the “Nikkah” will be held. Thereafter, the mullah recites from Koran and the groom and bride’s father are made to express and convey the oath of union. After the bridegroom’s declaration of acceptance, he is led to the women’s area. The groom will tie a gold chain around the bride’s neck in the presence of male witnesses. The muslim wedding will conclude with a grand reception given by bride’s parents to the relatives and friends of both sides. Thereafter the bride is taken to the groom’s house and later they proceed to the bride’s house.